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Research grants writing and consultancy of ERC, MSCA PF and COST Actions proposals.


SCIOTHECA provides hands-on consultancy and grant writing services focused on research and innovation projects. The blend of solid project management and scientific background pose an ideal skillset to provide high quality project consulting.

Our consultancy specializes in ERC (European Research Council) grants, MSCA (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) postdoctoral fellowships and COST Actions , which create an essential part of SCIOTHECA´s portfolio.
In addition, we offer advice on other European research funding schemes (e.g. collaborative HORIZON EUROPE schemes).

SCIOTHECA provides:

­Individual consultations of ERC and MSCA PF proposals

Every proposal is treated as unique, and our goal is to highlight its scientific quality and originality and transform it into a competitive grant application. Individual approach allows thoroughly understanding of the client´s research, proposal’s strengths and weaknesses and tailoring the consultancy to the specific situation and individual needs of each researcher.

­Training modules focused on ERC and MSCA PF

Targeted on group of trainees who plan to apply for MSCA PFs or ERC. Our workshops aim to explain the abstruse Brussels language, help researchers to better understand the grant specific requirements and expectations in order to achieve a successful and winning project. We do not simply to repeat official project documentation instructions.

Preparation of COST Action proposals

We provide guidance throughout the process of establishing the collaborative network, writing clearly formulated, competitive proposal and its submission. This service is intended for researchers who wish to coordinate the Action, whether from the academic or private sector.

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The mission of SCIOTHECA is to support talented scientists in obtaining prestigious funding for their research, and thus help them to achieve a successful career and financial independence.


Individual consultations for ERC applicants

• Short review of ERC

• Comprehensive full review of ERC

• Preparation for ERC interview

Individual consultations for MSCA PF

• Grant writing support for candidate of MSCA PF

Training module

• Step-by-step towards winning MSCA PF

COST Action proposal preparation

• Comprehensive proposal preparation support for COST Action coordinators

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„Veronika is one of the best grant adviser I had the pleasure to work with. She provided me with useful feedback and suggestions that enabled us to improve quality of my grant applications.“

Pavel Plevka, MSc., PhD
twice ERC holder
Head of the Laboratory of Structural Virology
CEITEC, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

„Lada has been absolutely critical to the success of many of our grant applications, which included coordinating a COST Action a few years ago. Working with her has allowed us to focus on the scientific details, and making sure we check all the right boxes when it comes to all the additional details needed for a successful application. I would highly recommend working with her.“

Kareem Elsayad, Ph.D.
Head of Advanced Microscopy
Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities
Vienna, Austria

„I feel deep gratitude for your excellent evaluation and support without which my proposal wouldn’t have reached this stage.“

Jaya Champati, Ph.D.
Research Assistent Professor (MSCA PF score 94%)
IMDEA Networks Institute
Madrid, Spain

„The key to success of our grant proposals were Lada´s knowledge and expertise. She is literarily one person with multiple roles, finding suitable grant mechanism, discussions with agencies, and most importantly keeping everything on the tract from start to finish. Would highly recommend her. „

Jelena Zinnati, PhD.
Head of Preclinical Imaging at Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities
Vienna, Austria

„I didn’t have any previous experience with MSCA-PF applications, and I found your comments and corrections very useful. I do think that the proposal has been significantly improved after your revisions. You were very important to achieve such a high evaluation.“

Alberto C., PhD., MSCA postdoctoral fellow (score 98%)

„I have always been happy with the support provided during the implementation of the larger collaborative H2020 project I participated in. I am also grateful for valuable advice in selecting suitable grants and guidance during the application process.“

Dmitriy Chudakov, MSc., PhD., DSc.
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow, Russia
CEITEC, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia
CSO, MiLaboratory LLC

„Working with Veronika allowed me to focus on quality and scientific details of my ERC proposal.“

Marek Mraz, MSc., MD. PhD (Assoc. Prof).
ERC holder
Head of the Laboratory of Microenvironment of Immune Cells
CEITEC, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

„I very much appretiate Veronika´s help during preparation and implementation of several our H2020 projects and one IMI grant during her work at CEITEC MU Grant office. I can recommend collaboration with her.“

Prof. Sarka Pospisilova, Ph.D.
Head of the Medical Genomics research group at CEITEC-MU
Vice-rector for research and doctoral studies at Masaryk University



Veronika Mikitova, PhD.

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