We offer grant writing and consultancy services especially to applicants for ERC (European Research Council) grants, MSCA (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) postdoctoral fellowships and COST Actions . We also provide training focused on strenghtening scientific writing skills, an essential prerequisite for a successful career in research.


European Research Council (ERC)

SCIOTHECA offers two basic options: (1) single review of ERC proposals or (2) comprehensive support throughout the proposal preparation. The aim of our reviews is to enforce quality, credibility and readability of the proposal as a whole. The comprehensive support entails tight collaboration with ERC candidate and full support throughout the ERC proposal preparation. We also offer an English language revision from a native speaker and a professional proof-reader to all applicants for whom English is not their native language and who are interested in this service. In addition, we collaborate with several successful ERC holders and former ERC panel members, who are willing to provide ERC candidates their critical feedback, practical advices and valuable suggestions on their proposal or presentation for an interview. It is choice of each applicant to decide if the proposal will be revised by one of our experienced research project managers and/or by ERC holder/panellist.


Individual consultations for ERC applicants:

Short review of ERC

Short review is intended for more experienced grant writes who wish to get single, independent and very thorough feedback on comprehensibility of scientific content and proposal structure. Short review includes single revision of B1 and B2 part of the proposal providing detailed comments and recommendations, assessment of compliance with eligibility criteria, assistance with evaluation panel selection.

Comprehensive full review of ERC

Represents thorough hands-on grant writing support throughout the proposal preparation (up to three rounds of revisions). Starting from assessing the candidate´s eligibility, full support during writing part B1 of the proposal, preparation of the applicant´s CV and track record, revision of part B2 of the proposal, assistance with budget planning and formulating budget justification, completing the ethics section and writing the Ethical Self-Assessment.

Preparation for ERC interview

Includes planning the best strategy for the presentation of the project and the ERC candidate and practising mock interviews.

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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships

SCIOTHECA provides individual consultations for applicants for MSCA PFs (and their supervisors) as well as training modules for group of trainees. Individual approach allows thoroughly understanding the client´s research proposal’s strengths and weaknesses and tailoring the consultancy to the specific situation and individual needs of each researcher. Group training, on the other hand, provides an opportunity to share applicant´s problems and struggles, obtain useful feedback and receive support from other research fellows.

Individual consultations for MSCA PF:

Grant writing support for candidate of MSCA PF

Represents proposal revision including identifying main strengths and possible weaknesses, providing comments and suggestions, assistance with developing impact and implementation sections, practical advice on preparing the candidate´s career development plan, dissemination and exploitation plan as well as the communication strategy, help with budgetary planning and completing the ethics section.

Training module for MSCA PF:

Step-by-step towards a winning MSCA PF

Customized workshop targets researchers (applicants and their supervisors), helps to gain correct understanding the MSCA PF scheme, guides applicants through proposal development from the initial idea to a clearly formulated and logically structured proposal, in line with the evaluator´s expectations. The workshop will explain the content of each proposal section and demonstrate practical examples.

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COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Actions

COST Actions serve as instrument that reduces the fragmentation of European research environment and opens it for collaborations worldwide. In addition, it builds critical mass for follow up activities funded by Horizon2020 or other research funding programmes. Establishing new COST Action requires (1) good managerial skillset for creation of functional collaborative network and (2) sufficient time for development of high quality proposal. We aim to be helpful with both. We can help you with establishing of the consortium and communication with your partners. Importantly, we can assist with writing all sections of the proposal, its final revision, budget preparation and submission process.

COST Action proposal preparation:

Comprehensive proposal preparation support for COST Action coordinators

We help to clarify any possible doubts concerning the eligibility criteria, advice on general expectations of COST programme, provide coordinator assistance with establishing the collaborative network, elaborating efficient networking activities, writing clearly formulated, competitive proposal, preparation of budget and its submission.

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