European Research Council (ERC)

SCIOTHECA provides individual consultations (for ERC, MSCA IFs or other HORIZON2020 proposals) and training modules for group of trainees (for MSCA IFs or ERC). Individual approach allows thoroughly understanding the client´s research proposal’s strengths and weaknesses and tailoring the consultancy to the specific situation and individual needs of each researcher. Group training, on the other hand, provides an opportunity to share applicant´s problems and struggles, obtain useful feedback and receive support from other research fellows.


Individual consultations for ERC applicants:

Short review of ERC

Includes single revision of B1 and B2 part of the proposal providing detailed comments and recommendations, assessment of compliance with eligibility criteria, assistance with evaluation panel selection.

Comprehensive full review of ERC

Represents thorough hands-on grant writing support throughout the proposal preparation (up to three rounds of revisions). Starting from assessing the candidate´s eligibility, full support during writing part B1 of the proposal, preparation of the applicant´s CV and track record, revision of part B2 of the proposal, assistance with budget planning and formulating budget justification, completing the ethics section and writing the Ethical Self-Assessment.

Preparation for ERC interview

Includes planning the best strategy for the presentation of the project and the ERC candidate and practising mock interviews.

Our practical guide for preparation of winning ERC project ERC Grants in Nutshell:


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