Our strengths

Scientific background

PhD in molecular and cell biology and seven years of postdoctoral experience in international research teams helps to reconcile and understand the real needs of the scientists. From the personal experience, we are well aware of common research career challenges including scientific mobility, financial instability, the struggle to gain independence or difficulty to achieve a work-life balance.  Importantly, we are familiar with the specialized terminology used in life sciences

Project management skills

Our project management experience draws on several years of work in research grant management at the internationally recognized CEITEC research institute. I obtained thorough training in preparing, negotiating and implementing projects of various international funding schemes supporting research, innovation, and scientific collaboration (for details see the LinkedIn). I have contributed to number of multilateral research projects, ERC projects, international research initiatives, and research infrastructures.

Grant writing skills

The best writing skills training is ensured by actual practicing grant writing, reading as many project proposals as possible and analysing the evaluation reports. Having a critical mind and visionary creative thinking also significantly contribute to acquiring good grant writing skills.

Enthusiasm for science

We passionately follow current trends in research and maintain a keen interest in the progress and advances in science. We are proud to collaborate with talented scientists who have potential to change our future for better. SCIOTHECA understands how precious the client researcher’s time is.



Veronika Mikitova, PhD.

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Czech Republic


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Company registration number (IN): 09709631

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